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Mission Statement

A Commitment to Gospel Values and Personal Achievement


Our college is inspired by the Gospel and Jesus Christ is our role model. All that we do is “For the greater glory of God” (Ad maioram dei gloriam). Our patron Blessed Edward Oldcorne inspires us to be true to our beliefs and principles. In his life he set an example of Faith and good living. The Gospel values that we follow in our community consist of love, truth, holiness, compassion, justice, forgiveness, peace and sacrifice. We are inclusive of all faiths and recognise all are called to become the “People of God”.


We work in partnership with parents to develop in our students:


  • a greater knowledge of the Catholic  and other Christian Faiths

  • an appreciation of Gospel values

  • an understanding, acknowledgement  and respect for all Faiths

  • a growth in spirituality and prayer

  • a knowledge and understanding of British values

  • an appreciation of living in a multi-cultural community

Every child is uniquely created in the image of God and so we strive to ensure that each student achieves the highest level of attainment and maximum development of talents. We are preparing each student to be responsible members of local, national and international communities while at college.


As our students leave our college they will set out:


“To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God.” -  (Micah 6:8)




 Chaplaincy Team


Our Lady Queen of Peace (Worcester)

10 Bransford Road Tel: 01905 423633
Worcester Fax: 01905 339399
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WR2 4EN  
Parish Priest: Fr Brian McGinley

St. George's (Worcester)

1 Sansome Place Tel: 01905 22574
Worcester Fax: 01905 22635
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WR1 1UG  
Parish Priest: Fr Brian McGinley

Sacred Heart and St. Catherine of Alexandria (Droitwich)

Worcester Road Tel: 01905 773258
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WR9 8AZ  
Parish Priest: Fr Vincent

St Joseph's (Worcester)

Chedworth Drive Tel: 01905 454352
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WR4 9PG  
Parish Priest: Fr Andrew Berry

Holy Redeemer (Pershore)

14 Priest Lane Tel: 01386 552737
WR10 1EB  Visit Parish Website
Parish Priest:  

St Wulstan's (Little Malvern)

Ledbury Road Tel: 01684 574658
Little Malvern  
Worcestershire Visit Parish Website
WR14 4JL  
Parish Priest: Fr Edward Crouzet


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Left to right:
Mr. L. James - Head of Religious Education
Mr. F. Tota - Second in Department
Mr. J. Ndungu - Teacher of Religious Education
Mr. D. McCormack - Deputy Principal, Teacher of Religious Education

Chaplaincy Prefects 2016

History of Blessed Edward Oldcorne

Born in York 1561.
Studied to be a doctor.
Left England to study in France and also went to college in Rome to
train to be a Priest.
In 1588 he risked his life by returning to England with a small group of other priests.
They spent their first night hiding in a wood.
In 1589 Edward was sent to the home of the Abington family who lived at Hindlip Hall – 3 miles outside Worcester.
He risked his life many times by venturing out from his hiding places to speak to people and bring them back to the Catholic faith.
In the years that followed the persecution of Catholics got even worse. Edward developed throat cancer which was very painful – however on a pilgrimage to St. Winifred’s well in Wales he put a stone from the water in his mouth fasted and prayed – he was not cured but he gained enough strength to continue his preaching.
In 1591 Queen Elizabeth said that all priests should be driven from the
land as they were all spies for the King of Spain!
Still priests including Edward risked their lives travelling the country
to ensure people could attend Mass.
By 1592 so many priests had been tortured and Martyred that very
few were left!
In 1606 the Sheriff of Worcester went to Hindlip Hall with over 100
armed men to search it – they soon found the hiding places for the
items used in the Mass BUT it took a further 2 weeks before Edward
Oldcorne and Fr. Garnet were forced to emerge from their hiding
Edward Oldcorne was charged with treason, accused of being
involved in the Gunpowder Plot.
He was tortured on the rack for 5 days and was eventually executed
by hanging at Red Hill on April 7th 1606.
His feast day is on January 27th.
Tutor Group Martyrs


Class A - Blessed Ralph Ashley

Served as a cook at Douai College, France.
Went to Spain in 1590 and became a Jesuit Lay Brother.
Returned to England in 1598 and served with Father Edward Oldcorne.
Captured in 1604 and frightfully tortured and executed.


Class C - Saint Margaret Clitherow

Margaret Clitherow was a butcher's wife in York.
In 1574 Margaret became a Catholic and an active helper of the Douai priests.
She also ran a Catholic school for her children and neighbours.
However one day the house was searched, Mass was over but the school was in progress. The priest excaped but the officers bullied all the children until a little Flemish boy told them where the priest's vestments were hidden.
The 'three day sentence' to die was not carried out, but on 25th March 1586 she was crushed to death, and took a quarter of an hour to die.
Her two sons became priests.


Class J - Saint John Jones

John Jones was a Welshman.
He appears in 1587 as a priest working among the Catholics in a Prison. This work was cut short when his disguise was discovered, and he was arrested and imprisoned at Wisbech Castle.
Somehow he escaped and made his way to the continent. After an audience with Pope Clement VIII, he succeeded in getting permission to return to England.
He arrived in London in 1592 and two years later was a prisoner once more at Wisbech.
He was martyred on 12th July 1598 at St. Thomas Waterings in Southwark, London.
There was an hour's delay because the hangman had forgotten his rope. Father Jones made use of this time in prayer and addressing the crowd.


Class L - Saint Anne Line

Anne Line and her husband were both converts and though both were disinherited because of their faith they managed to live quite comfortably until 1586 when a priest was taken whilst saying Mass in their house.
Her husband was imprisoned, banished and died soon after. Anne was left destitute.
When Father Gerard set up a house in London for priests he put Anne in charge, However on Candlemass Day 1601 the officers arrived during mass.
The priest escaped but Anne was taken and condemned. She died at Tyburn on 27th February 1601.


Class P - Blessed Humphrey Prichard

Humphrey Prichard was a barman at the Catherine Wheel Public House in Oxford.
He supported the underground work of priests in Elizabethan England. After examination and torture in London he was tried and executed in Oxford.
He was taunted for his ignorance by some of the university men present at the execution. When he said that he died for being a Catholic, one of them shouted that he was unable to explain what being a Catholic meant.
Blessed Humphrey replied: "What I cannot say in words, I will seal with my blood".
He was beatified by Pope John Paul II in 1987.


Class S - Blessed Robert Sutton

Robert Sutton was born at Burton-on-Trent in 1545.
He studied at Christ Church, Oxford, and was ordained in the Established Church, becoming Rector of Lutterworth in Leicestershire.
He was converted to Catholicism in 1577 through the influence of his younger third brother.
Robert worked for ten years, saying Mass secretly in the houses of Catholic families in various places.
He was arrested in Stafford in 1588 and was hanged, drawn and quartered there on 27th July.
Before execution, he made a speech about the candle which is given at baptism and in the hour of death, and he held up his handkerchief in remembrance of it, saying that he lived and died in the light of the Catholic faith.
He was beatified by Pope John Paul II in 1987.


Class W - Saint John Wall

John Wall came from a Norfolk gentry family and was born in Lancashire in 1620.
His parents were fervent Catholics and sent him, when he was thirteen, to Douai College in northern France.
From there he went to the English College in Rome and was ordained as a priest at 25 years old. He then joined the Franciscan Order at the friary at Douai.
When he was 36 he was sent secretly to England work as a priest in Worcestershire. For 22 years he ministered to Catholics, moving from place to place, and often using an assumed name to avoid capture.
In 1678 he was arrested at Rushock Court near Bromsgrove.
He was condemned to death and was hung, drawn and quartered on Red Hill in Worcester on 22nd August 1679.
In his speech at the the gallows he said: "I will offer my life in satisfaction for my sins and for the Catholic cause. I beseech God... to turn our captivity into joy; that they who sow in tears may reap in joy".
He was canonised by Pope Paul VI in 1970 as one of the Forty Martyrs.
Gospel Values

Whilst not definitive, the core values based on the Beatitudes may be summarised as follows:

“Blessed are the poor in spirit, for there is the Kingdom of Heaven” Values: Faithfulness & Integrity “Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted” Values: Humility & Gentleness Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth” Values: Truth & Justice “Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be satisfied” Values: Forgiveness & Mercy “Blessed are the pure of heart, for they will see God” Values: Purity & Holiness “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called children of God” Values: Tolerance & Peace “Blessed are those who are persecuted for righteousness’ sake, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. Blessed are you when they insult you and persecute you and utter every kind of slander against you because of me. Be glad and rejoice for your reward is great in heaven; they persecuted the prophets before you in the very same way. Values: Service & Sacrifice. Gospel values “…are a guarantee of peace and of collaboration among all citizens in the shared commitment to serving the common good”. Rooted in the teaching of Christ, these Gospel values should constitute the targets and outcomes of the educational enterprise in every Catholic school For this to be possible, these Gospel values need to be explicitly named, their meaning unpacked and pupils helped to understand how they relate to their lives both at school, at home and in society. This enterprise is not in addition to the quest for high academic standards and vocational excellence but integral to it. “Catholic schools, while providing a quality education, hold up Christian values to children, inviting them to build their own lives on them. Teaching these values, for those who know how to accept and live them consistently, yields highly positive results – as experience confirms- - at the personal, family and professional levels.”

The following photos of displays in our college highlight the Gospel values on which our college ethos is based.


Catholic Life Calendar 2016-2017

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Lourdes Pilgrimage: 2014: A student’s view.

Lourdes has been an amazing experience for me and a great journey (I hope to go back again). For me, the joy and happiness of this journey is the compassion and devotion each pilgrim has for one another, especially the sick and handicapped. Each pilgrim had different ways of praying; rejoicing, reflecting, understanding deeply in our hearts and instead of talking to God people rejoiced in him and praised his presence. The pilgrims have been the good seeds from the parable of the sower and many have grown into flowers of peace love and hope. This has inspired me and many others. I would love to go to Lourdes again.
Year 7: Andrew Vas




Soli House 


Charlie Hemming-Williams – Year 10 – June 2015

Soli House 2015 was the best school trip I have ever been on in my entire time at Blessed Edward Oldcorne Catholic college
The fact that at Soli house I had never in my entire life felt so comfortable to celebrate my faith and to be at peace with the religion I have chosen to follow. Soli house generates an environment of utter security and reconciliation in which teenagers can relax enough to allow any self-consciousness and doubt or even fear of being mocked or ridiculed, to vanish. The atmosphere surrounding the organisation is impossible to describe with simple sentences but perhaps numinous is the correct word… God was seen through the team of people at Soli hose. God’s grace, joy and compassion were there and they never once left. The team at Soli house encouraged us to worship and were utterly respectful as to how much time you needed with God. It was perfect.



College Hymn

(Click here to Play/Download Hymn)


This Little Light of mine,
I’m gonna let it shine,
(Repeat x 3)
Let it shine, Let it shine, Let it shine.

The light that shines is the light of love
Lights the darkness from above,
It shines on me and it shines on you,
And shows what the power of love can do.
I’m gonna shine my light both far and near,
I’m gonna shine my light both bright and clear.
Where there’s a dark corner in this land,
I’m gonna let my little light shine.
This Little Light of mine,
I’m gonna let it shine,
(Repeat x 3)
Let it shine, Let it shine, Let it shine.
On Monday he gave me the gift of love,
Tuesday peace came from above.
On Wednesday he told me to have more faith,
On Thursday he gave me a little more grace.
Friday he told me to watch and pray,
Saturday he told me just what to say,
On Sunday he gave me the power divine
To let my little light shine.

This Little Light of mine,
I’m gonna let it shine,
(Repeat x 3)



Section 48 RE Ofsted Report

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Morning Liturgy Programme

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Catholic LIfe - Student Evaluation Comments

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