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Below are a selection of frequently asked questions.

Please click on a question to hear a spoken answer. Summary textual answers are also provided for those without sound playback capabilities.

1.      Where do we go on the first day?

    You go straight to the junior playground to meet your form tutor and Director of Studies. If you are not sure where that is, it is next to the multi-gym which is the same place where you met Mr McCormack on the induction days.

2.      Will I be in the same class as some of my friends?

Yes, you should be. Form groups are composed by the Year 7 Director of Studies on the advice of your Year 6 teachers. We always try to make sure that you are in a tutor group with some of your friends from primary school.

3.      Will I get into trouble if I get lost and arrive late for my lessons?

No. We realise that it will take you a while to get used to moving around the college. To help you a map has been included in your student planner which you will receive on your first day. Prefects and staff will also be on hand to guide you to your classrooms.

It would also be a good idea to spend some time going on a virtual tour of the college which you can find on the homepage.

4.      Who do I talk to if I’m upset or worried about something?

There are several different people that you can talk to. Your first point of contact is your form tutor with whom you will spend the first fifteen minutes of every day in your form room. If you are concerned about anything at all please speak to them as soon as you get to college.

You may also speak to your Director of Studies or any other member of staff. Finally if you would prefer to talk to a student, counsellor prefects are also available on a daily basis. (They will be wearing yellow ties).

5.      Will we get a lot of homework?


You will be expected to complete one hour of homework a night in Year 7.      You will receive a homework timetable and typically two subject areas will set homework on any given night. (30 minutes each).

6.      Are there any extra-curricular activities on offer?

Yes! Every lunchtime and after school there is a large selection of activities available for you to participate in. These include sporting activities, performing arts work shops and subject based clubs. The library is also open from 8 a.m. before school and until 5 p.m. after school for homework club and use of I.C.T. facilities.  

 What does the timetable for a typical day look like?

8.50 Registration/Assemblies


9.05 Lesson 1


10.05 Lesson 2


11.05 Break


11.25 Lesson 3


12.25 Lesson 4


1.25 Lunch


2.15 Registration


2.20 Lesson 5


3.20 End of College day