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The Library at Blessed Edward Oldcorne Catholic College literally came alive on Wednesday 14th June, as nine local authors created a “Living Library”. The Librry was buzzing with activity as authors, poets and playwrights talked to a total of sixty students in Years 7 and 8 in groups of 4 for ten minutes each, and then the students moved onto the next author in “speed date” fashion. Students gained insight into the lives and work of each author, as well has receiving advice about their own creative writing. Talking to authors and other writers is always an inspirational experience, and many of the students said they were encouraged to read and write more.
The writers were impressed with the students and Polly Stretton, poet, said It was a most enjoyable event. The children all seemed interested and engaged, and some of them seemed pretty keen on writing too. Many of them were able to tell me what they’re reading now or about their favourite authors, this always pleases me as it’s sound evidence that they do actually read :)
Emilia Ricketts, Y7, said that speaking to so many authors was a great experience.
Izzy Carter Y8 commented “I enjoyed the opportunity to meet the authors and I liked listening to what they like reading.”
Karen King, who is Patron Of Reading for the College, commented “It was a real privilege to be involved! The children were all so polite and engaging, the time just flew by.”
The event was organised by Linda Bromyard, College Librarian, who would like to say thank you to all the wonderful writers who gave their time freely
Karen King
Ann Evans
Olivia Levez
Diana Harrison
Rod Griffiths
Polly Robinson
Chris Horn
Mark Billen
Chas Eden