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32 bags of outdoor garments for adults and children living in Syria were given by the college to Ledbury Refugee Support.  Clothes included unclaimed lost property as well as clothes brought into college by members of staff.


It is planned that these clothes will go in the next four weeks to Idlit in Syria which was recently under bombardment three weeks ago by Russia and the Syria Assad forces.


Last month Ledbury Refugee Support sent £11,000 to Syria which was used to buy basic food supplies for the refugees and those in besieged posts.


Sean Devlin, Principal at Blessed Edward Oldcorne Catholic College said that ‘there is no option with Syria.  We must get involved and help the Syrian people in whatever way we can.  To stand by is morally wrong.’

The Ledbury Refugee Support is run by Caroline and Rich.  They are available on 07973401860 for a chat.  All donations can be dropped off at Handley Organics which is in the middle of Ledbury town centre near the Market House.