Behaviour Policy Addendum Coronavirus

  1. Scope
    This addendum applies until further notice.
    Unless covered in this addendum, our normal behaviour policy continues to apply.
    We may need to amend or add to this addendum as circumstances or official guidance changes. We will
    communicate any changes to staff, parents and students.
  2. Expectations for students in college
    2.1 New rules
    When students are in college, we expect them to follow all of the rules set out below to keep themselves and
    the rest of the college community safe.
    Staff will be familiar with these rules and make sure they are followed consistently.
    Parents should also read the rules and ensure that their children follow the new procedures that have been
    put in place. Parents should contact the Headteacher if they think their child might not be able to comply with
    some or all of the rules, so we can consider alternative arrangements with them.
    Everyone will be encouraged to either walk, cycle or be brought in by parents and advised to avoid taking
    public transport during peak times.
    If students walk to college they need to arrive at the designated time and not be socially mixing on their way to
    and from college. The Timberdine Avenue entrance will be open and supervised by staff.
    Cyclists must dismount at the entrance and wheel their bike to the designated bike rack ensuring that they
    maintain social distancing while locking up their bicycle.
    Parents bringing their child to college can drop off at the Timberdine Avenue entrance. The student must then
    use the usual pedestrian entrance which will be supervised by a member of staff. Parents will be advised to
    keep their child in the car until safe social distancing guidance allows for their entry into the college.
    Year 10 students will be based in Science laboratories because of the ready availability of handwashing
    facilities. Hand sanitiser will be available if any work needs to be completed outside of these rooms. Hand
    sanitiser will be used by all staff and students on first entering the building and on each subsequent occasion
    that they enter the building. Students will wash their hands with soap and water before leaving the classroom.
    Everyone in college will:
    • Frequently wash their hands with soap and water for 20 seconds and dry thoroughly using NHS
    guidelines, or use alcohol-based hand sanitiser to cover all parts of their hands
    • Clean their hands on arrival, before and after eating, and after sneezing or coughing
    • Be encouraged not to touch their mouth, eyes and nose
    • Use a tissue or elbow to cough or sneeze, and use bins for tissue waste
    In good weather the students will be allowed to have their lunch in a designated outside area of the college.
    The students will remain in their classroom groups and not be allowed to mix with students from other
    classrooms. All students will be expected to follow social distancing guidelines at all times. If the weather
    does not allow for the students to go outside they will eat their lunch in their designated classroom.
    • Pupils will be kept in the same small groups at all times each day.
    • Pupils will stay in the same classroom at the same desk throughout the day wherever possible.
    • Pupils will be supervised at all times to ensure mixing between groups doesn’t occur, and they will be
    reminded about the rules throughout the day.
    • The college will continue to use its well established one way system with enhanced signage. Each
    classroom in the science corridor will have its own identified access staircase to further minimise corridor
    • Toilet use will be managed to avoid crowding. Numbers permitted in each toilet are clearly signposted and
    will be supervised by staff
    • Students will not be allowed to participate in any ball games during their breaks.
    • Students must inform a member of staff if they begin to experience corona virus symptoms and co-operate
    fully with the staff caring for them.
    • Students must not share any equipment with anyone else including drinking bottles.
    • Students must not cough in the direction of any person and spitting is prohibited.
    2.2 Rewards and sanctions for following rules
    To help encourage students to follow the above rules, we will thank them on a regular basis. Courteous and
    polite behaviour in line with the college’s virtues will be rewarded with positive behaviour points.
    However, if students fail to follow these rules, we will: where appropriate give a verbal warning at first and
    then if the behaviour continues call for a member of SLT to remove the student. If a student has to be
    removed from lessons there will be a meeting/ discussion with parents before the student is allowed to return
    to work with their group. If necessary the St John Bosco room will be used. Teachers will consider carefully if
    any behaviour is accidental or purposeful rule breaking. If behaviour is considered serious the college’s
    normal behaviour policy and exclusions policy will be applied
    2.3 Changed rules
    As long as this addendum applies, we will alter the following college rules.
    Non attendance will not be penalised
    Students will be asked to wear uniform where possible. Parents should provide a note if an item of uniform no
    longer fits or cannot be replaced.. The college will be sympathetic towards these issues
  3. Expectations for students at home
    3.1 Remote learning rules
    If students are not in college, we expect them to follow all of the rules set out below.
    Parents should also read the rules and ensure their children follow them. Parents should contact the
    Headteacher if they think their child might not be able to comply with some or all of the rules, so we can
    consider alternative arrangements with them. Students should
    Complete work to the deadline set by teachers
    Seek help if they need it, from teachers or Learning Support Mentors
    Alert teachers if they’re not able to complete work
    Use proper online conduct, such as using appropriate language in messages
    Not invite anyone from outside the college into any online lessons
    Not take screenshots, photographs, sound recordings or videos of online lessons
    3.2 Dealing with problems
    If there are any problems with students adhering to rules around remote learning, including if they don’t
    engage with the remote learning set for them, we will contact parents and discuss an appropriate way forward.
    This may mean the removal of certain online privileges. The college will work collaboratively with parents on
    any issues
  4. Monitoring arrangements
    We will review this policy as guidance from the local authority or Department for Education is updated, and as
    a minimum every 3 weeks by the Headteacher. At every review, it will be approved by the full governing
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