College closure 25th January 2021

24th January 2021

Dear Parent,

Due to the poor weather conditions that we are currently experiencing and, after careful consideration and assessment of our sites and the risks involved, the college will be closed to staff and all students, tomorrow, Monday 25th January 2021.

More snow is forecast for Sunday evening and with reduced traffic due to lockdown, some roads are significantly affected. Our main concern is that temperatures are due to drop below freezing throughout the night and into the morning which would make for treacherous conditions for staff and students travelling to school. For the health and safety of everyone we feel that this decision is in the best interests of all.

Online learning will continue tomorrow but there will be no live elements to lessons. Many of our teachers have children at primary schools which have closed and it would be challenging to deliver live lessons while also looking after them. A significant number of teachers also deliver their lessons from their classrooms in the college so will not have access to all their resources. Teachers will endeavour to ensure that tasks are posted in the relevant Google Classrooms for your child tomorrow.  Your child will have the flexibility to complete the work at a time of their choosing. This work will mainly be quizzes, reading and preparation work for their next live lesson.

As the weather seems set to improve from mid-morning tomorrow, we envisage re-opening the college site at the usual time on Tuesday morning for those vulnerable and key worker students who have been attending already this term.

Yours sincerely,

Greg McClarey