Future Parents’ Evenings

1st December 2020

Dear Parent

I hope that you and your family are well.  I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your ongoing support over the course of this term. Our students have proved themselves to be both adaptable and resilient and staff have been working hard to ensure that they are making progress in line with our high expectations in spite of any time they may have missed from lessons. A key part of our approach to engaging with parents is through parents’ evenings and it is hard to say at this stage when we will next, physically, be able to host one on the actual college premises. To enable parent/teacher conversations to take place we have invested in software called “Schoolcloud Parents Evening” which will enable us to host parents’ evenings online. The software looks very promising and we are excited to be rolling our virtual parents’ evening programme out over the coming weeks.  

Dates for parents’ evenings will be as follows:

  • Year 11 – 10th December 2020
  • Year 9 –   13th January 2021
  • Year 7 –   11th February 2021
  • Year 10 – 25th February 2021
  • Year 8 –   11th March 2021

Further details on timings and how to make appointments and access the system will be provided closer to the specific date of each evening. The system is quite intuitive and does not require the downloading of any software. A smartphone with a camera is the basic requirement but you will be able to access the parents’ evenings on any mobile device, laptop or PC.  If you do not have access to a video enabled device, please contact us at college for further advice.

Yours sincerely

Greg McClarey