Home Testing Kits

19th March 2021

Dear Parent,

We have now completed three lateral flow tests for all the students whose parents gave consent and we have had no positive results which is extremely reassuring. There will be no further testing of students in college and we now move to the next phase which involves students being tested at home. All secondary aged students will now be offered tests which they can use at home to test twice a week.  

Up to one in three people who have COVID-19 can spread the virus without knowing. This is because they have no symptoms. To reduce the spread of the virus, we need to identify those individuals.

We understand that each child has individual needs. Many children will adapt to testing becoming part of their routine, others will find it more challenging. Taking part in testing is voluntary and all children will be able to attend college whether they take part or not. Students will be given testing kits in college today along with guidance on how to take the test and report the results. These kits will be given out to students on a regular basis.

The result of each test needs to be reported using the NHS Test & Trace self-report website: https://www.gov.uk/report-covid19-result.

If a student has a positive test result, they will need to stay home and self-isolate. The current guidance states that the student should be taken for a confirmatory PCR test at a local testing site. If this test is negative the student can return to college. If this test is also positive, then the student needs to continue to self-isolate in line with national guidance. Please keep us informed of any positive test results so that we can advise and work with you to ensure that your child can access remote learning if they are well enough to do so.

Taking part in testing is voluntary and all students will be able to attend college whether they take part in testing or not. I am strongly encouraging all students to take part in the national testing programme so that we continue to protect the most vulnerable in our college community.

Please note that the test kits your child receives are for their use only. If you require additional test kits for other members of your household please visit this website https://www.gov.uk/order-coronavirus-rapid-lateral-flow-tests

Thank you as always for your ongoing support and please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions

Yours sincerely,

Greg McClarey