Mobile Phone Policy letter

14 February 2022

Dear Parent

I am writing to highlight some changes we are making to our mobile phone policy.

Here at Blessed Edward’s, we recognise that mobile phones are an integral part of our lives now and for young people in particular, they are an object of huge significance. I know that from a safety perspective, parents want their children to bring a phone to college and many of our students have their bus tickets stored on them.

I am however firmly of the opinion that during the school day they are a distraction and result in students not focusing fully in lessons. The temptation to take photos or record videos is too great for some students and this has resulted in the college having to put sanctions in place. From Monday 28 February we will be taking a more robust approach to dealing with the distractions caused by phones and their inappropriate use in school.

As previously, phones must be switched off and stored in students’ bags during the school day. Students are not allowed to carry their phone in their trouser, shirt or coat pockets. Phones will be confiscated if students are seen to be carrying them in this way. A first offence will result in the phone being handed back at the end of the college day but a subsequent offence will result in the phone being confiscated for up to 3 days and parents will be asked to collect it. The phone will not be given back to the student.

If students are concerned that their phone may get damaged in their bag, they should store it in an appropriate container. Please note that the college will not accept liability for any phone lost or damaged on the college premises.

If a student does not hand over their phone when asked, staff will then deal with that in line with the college behaviour policy and appropriate sanctions will be put in place.

Our aim here is not to be draconian but to ensure that school is a safe and distraction free environment for our young people to learn and grow in. If you need to contact your child during the college day, please contact the college office and a message will be passed to them.

Thank you in advance for your ongoing support.

Yours sincerely

Greg McClarey