About the Additional Needs Department

The Additional Needs department is run by a dedicated team, lead by the SENDCo and a team of Learning Support Mentors who work out of a central area at the heart of the college called ‘The Sanctuary’. Our aim captures the whole college ethos of inclusion. We believe that everyone has potential, everyone can succeed, and that there is no limit to learning.

All children deserve, and have a right to, a good education. Our staff strive to give students the confidence, self-belief and learning experience that they need to fulfil their potential. Additional needs provision provides students with the tools they need to overcome or minimise any barriers to their learning.


The Sanctuary is used in many ways, it is a vital resource to the college. During lesson time the Sanctuary becomes a vibrant place of learning where students from all year groups are given opportunities to minimize barriers to learning and progress in specific areas of need. To do this students use our IT facilities alongside an extensive bank of resources which are specifically designed to target learning difficulties on an individual basis. At break and lunch times, the Sanctuary becomes a calming area where students can gather their thoughts, complete homework and socialise. Before and after school, the Sanctuary hosts individual intervention sessions and after school clubs.

At Blessed Edward Oldcorne Catholic College we will do all we can to enable our additional needs students to fully access all aspects of college life and make progress, despite their learning needs. All of our staff are committed to tailoring the curriculum to accommodate all learning needs. We aim to build the confidence of students with additional needs and allow them to view their special learning need as a challenge which can be overcome. We want all of our students with additional needs to achieve their full potential and to leave Blessed Edward Oldcorne Catholic College with high self-esteem, confidence, good grades and skill sets to allow then to reach their goal, enjoy life and become valued members of society.

In summary the Additional Needs department at Blessed Edward Oldcorne Catholic College will:

  • Make sure we know your child well and know what progress they are making
  • Speak to you if we have concerns about their progress and let you know what we are doing about it
  • Ask you what help you think your child needs and act on this where we can
  • Make sure all our team have the skills and understanding they need to help your child
  • Make sure your child is included in college life by making changes to the way we do things so they don’t miss out
  • Listen to what your child says about the help they need and act on this where we can
  • Welcome your child as a valued member of our community from their very first visit to the college
  • Involve professionals from outside college when we need help to understand how to support your child

SEND Local Offer

The new look SEND Local Offer website launched early November and contains information and advice for families with children with SEN and/or disabilities.
The new site contains all the information from the old one, along with lots of new content, which families have told us they would find useful. New content includes amongst others:
• Information to help with transitions
• Specific information to support parents with Year 9 Reviews
• Where to go if you have concerns about your child’s development
• How things might change as a child gets older, so families can be prepared
• More information about the choices available for young people 16 and above
• Where to go if you’re not happy about something
• Information about EHCP annual reviews, particularly the year nine review
• Preparing for Adulthood outcomes, what they are and tools to help with planning
• Post 16 options for pathways from education, to employment, housing, independent living and
• Information and support about staying safe
It has been split into age ranges to make this easier to navigate and more useful to parents and professionals. Each age related section has a “What’s Next” page so parents can help prepare for the next stage in their young person’s life. Work on developing the site is continuing

Link to SEND Local offer here

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