College is now open to an agreed cohort of year 10 students, key worker children and vulnerable groups.


  • Born in York 1561

  • Studied to be a doctor

  • Left England to study in France and also went to college in Rome to train to be a Priest.

  • In 1588 he risked his life by returning to England with a small group of other priests

  • They spent their first night hiding in a wood

  • In 1589 Edward was sent to the home of the Abington family who lived at Hindlip Hall – 3 miles outside Worcester

  • He risked his life many times by venturing out from his hiding places to speak to people and bring them back to the Catholic faith

  • In the years that followed the persecution of Catholics got even worse

  • Edward developed throat cancer which was very painful – however on a pilgrimage to St. Winifred’s well in Wales he put a stone from the water in his mouth fasted and prayed – he was not cured but he gained enough strength to continue his preaching

  • In 1591 Queen Elizabeth said that all priests should be driven from the land as they were all spies for the King of Spain!

  • Still priests including Edward risked their lives travelling the country to ensure people could attend Mass

  • By 1592 so many priests had been tortured and martyred that very few were left!

  • In 1606 the Sheriff of Worcester went to Hindlip Hall with over 100 armed men to search it – they soon found the hiding places for the items used in the Mass BUT it took a further 2 weeks before Edward Oldcorne and Fr. Garnet were forced to emerge from their hiding place

  • Edward Oldcorne was charged with treason, accused of being involved in the Gunpowder Plot

  • He was tortured on the rack for 5 days and was eventually executed by hanging at Red Hill on April 7th 1606

  • His feast day is on January 27th 


(For the greater glory of God)

Father Edward was executed on

Red Hill just outside the city walls of Worcester on April 7th 1606.


Blessed Edward Oldcorne Catholic College Mission Statement

In our College everything we do is underpinned by our mission statement ‘For the Greater Glory of God’.

Virtues at Blessed Edward Oldcorne

At Blessed Edward Oldcorne Catholic College we provide a round education to develop the whole person.

Virtues are behaviours that show high moral standards and enable human flourishing.

Each week we reflect on a different virtue and think about how it can help our young people to be people of good character.

Our Chapel

Our College Chapel is used regularly throughout the week by form groups for their daily act of worship, in RE lessons to support understanding of Catholic beliefs and to have an opportunity to reflect and pray in lessons as well as during the Liturgical seasons for liturgies throughout the school day. Each Friday we celebrate Mass in our Chapel. 

Our Chapel is a personal space where staff and students can spend time with God. We have an area where we can remember members of our community who have 

Prayer Life at Blessed Edward Oldcorne Catholic College

Daily Act of Collective Worship:

We start our mornings with an act of collective worship either in tutor groups or as a year group in assembly. 

Our daily acts of collective worship start with saying and making the sign of the cross together. 

We have a few moments of stillness and reverence as we light the candle.

Our tutor group prayer boards are the focus of our class prayers during tutor time. 

We have a prayer intention for each act of collective worship. This follows the Church’s cycle of prayer. 

A prayer is said together. 

Prayer boards and shelves:

All form rooms have a prayer board and a prayer shelf. These are the focus of collective worship in tutor time. 

Our prayer boards and shelves remind us of key events in the Liturgical Year, for example All Saints day in November and of key events in school, for example, the collection for the Foodbank during October. 

On our prayer shelves we have a candle that is used during our daily act of collective worship. 

In our RE classrooms we also have a prayer table. 

Prayer leaders

Each form group has a prayer leader. This is a person in the form who leads collective worship during tutor time. Some form groups have a rota for prayer leaders so that more than one member of the form can be involved in leading collective worship. 

Cycle of Prayer

During our daily act of collective worship we have a prayer intention that follows the Church’s cycle of prayer:

Framed Saints

Around our College we have information about different saints. The saints have been chosen by staff or students and the information is outside classrooms and offices. These remind us that we should always try to be the best people we can be and to always put Jesus Christ at the centre of everything we do just like the saints did.