College is now open to an agreed cohort of year 10 students, key worker children and vulnerable groups.


November 2019

Dear Parent

Thursday 5th December 2019

We would like to invite you to an evening during which you can talk to your child's teacher
to discuss their academic progress to date. Parents' Evening will start at 4.30 pm and end at
7.30 pm. You will be able to make appointments throughout the evening. Your child has an
appointment sheet in their planner on which they will book appointments for you to see
each member of staff. Please bring this with you.

Parents' Evenings are an important event in the academic year and it is expected that all
parents attend. Where possible, it is beneficial that your child accompanies you. Research
has also shown that students whose parents attend Parents' Evening achieve better results
at GCSE than those students whose parents fail to attend. Attendance at Parents' Evening
also reinforces the Home-College partnership.

In order that waiting can be kept to a minimum we suggest that discussions should be
limited to five minutes. Senior staff will be available in the Sports Hall should further
discussion be needed. Mrs Fitzer, our SENCO, will also be available during the evening.
Plentiful, well-lit parking is available at the rear of the College, via Evendine Close. Please be
mindful of local residents as you arrive and leave.

We would be grateful if you could

complete and return the attached slip to the College or reply to the electronic link we
recently text to you by Wednesday 27

th November 2019.

Yours sincerely,
C. Taylor
Mr C Taylor
Head of Year 9





Name of Child: _____________________________________________ Form: _____

I will/will not attend the Year Nine Parents’ Evening on Thursday 5th December 2019.

Signed: _________________________________________________Parent/Guardian

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