Year 10 Welcome Back Letter September 2018

10th September 2018      


Dear Parents/Carers ,


Welcome back to all students. We trust that you have all had an enjoyable summer holiday, spending quality time with your friends and family. Year 10 is a particularly important year, as your child has officially started the content crucial for their GCSE examinations. We have had another outstanding year in regards to exam results.  The students and our staff worked incredibly hard to ensure that they could commence the next chapter with the highest grades possible. A good relationship between school and home is crucial for this, so we try to ensure that there is clear communication between school and you.


We were pleased to see that students looked smart for their individual photographs on the first day back. Please note that boys are to wear ties all year round and girls to wear a shirt and tie or an open neck blouse. Information on uniform is found both in the planner and on the school website. Please note that there are specific styles of uniform skirts and trousers that must be worn. Boys are not to wear white socks except in PE. Shoes that look like trainers are not acceptable.


A reminder that mobile phones may be brought into college but they must be turned off when a student enters the college and can be turned back on when off the school premises. They cannot be used in college during the day unless under the direct instruction of a teacher, for learning purposes. When used without permission, phones are to be confiscated and may be returned at end of the day. If it is a second offence, the phone may be confiscated for up to three days or returned directly to a parent.


We will be continuing our focus on attendance.   97% or above is what is expected to obtain progress in all subjects so please continue to ensure that your child is attending each day. They will be recognised for this achievement. Permission for time-off during term time will only be given for exceptional circumstances.  Also if your child is unable to attend College for any reason please contact the office before College begins to inform your child’s Tutor of their absence on 0844 239 3266.


Finally, in order to prepare for Open Evening, we will be closing the college at 1.35 on 27th September.


Important dates for your diary:


Opening Evening  - Thursday 27th September

Year 10 Assessment Week – week beginning 8th October

Half Term – week beginning 29th October and returning  5th November

End of term – Friday 21st December

If you have any concerns, please contact your child’s tutor in the first instance.  Alternatively,  you can contact either of us on the phone or on the following email addresses:


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Yours sincerely ,


Miss S.Morris and Mrs N.Pritchard

Heads of Year 10


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