The Zimbabwe Medical Centre Appeal

September 2018

The Zimbabwe Medical Centre Appeal

‘Whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’

(Matthew 25:40)


Dear Parents/Carers

There will be a non-uniform day this Friday 21st September to raise money to help build a new medical centre in a small village in Zimbabwe.

Blessed Edward Oldcorne Catholic College has made links with people from a village called Nyandoro, in the Nyanga Province of Zimbabwe. The people living here are experiencing severe poverty and welcome any help and support they can get. The village is home to families who live in simple huts and houses which they build themselves.

The people who live in Nyandoro have to pay for education. Some families can’t pay and their children go uneducated. They only have one small primary school and one small secondary school called St David’s and if they can afford it, they may be able to attend. The children cannot attend school without wearing shoes. As a result, their shoes are left at school and put on just before the school day and taken off just after. They walk to school and home again in bare feet! They fear ruining their shoes, because if they ruin them they cannot attend.

However, a more pressing concern for the people of Nyandoro is the fact that their nearest medical centre is 20km and they have to walk there. This is roughly the equivalent of walking to Bromsgrove from Worcester. Imagine carrying your sick child in your arms, praying for God’s help that you reach it in time and then when they do get to a medical centre, having to pay for care.

As a school we aim to initially raise £10,000 to complete the building of a new medical centre in Nyandoro. Building started last year with some money raised by another school, but the money ran out. Here is where Blessed Edward’s comes in.

Please join in our efforts to build the new medical centre. You can start by supporting non-uniform day on Friday. Donations of £1 or more will be welcome! However, we are looking for new creative and exiting ways to raise money. Any ideas are welcome and any small initiative carried out at home will greatly be appreciated. We ask that students wear non uniform which is appropriate for a school setting.

If you have any questions about the project, please contact Mrs S Thomas at school.

Yours in faith


Mrs S Thomas

Deputy Headteacher

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