Welcome Back Year 11

September 2020

Dear Parent/Guardian

I can’t believe (and I am sure the same goes for you) how quickly the last 4 years have gone. Our new Year 11 have made a great start to the academic year – they have been positive, responsible and mature – and I am so proud of them.

My repeated message to students over the last 4 years has been that success comes from continued hard work and perseverance, and in this most important of years this has never been more crucial.

As it is the start of a new academic year, can I please draw your attention to the following reminders;

Thank you for your continued support of the uniform policy. Our uniform is a way of student showing their pride in belonging to our College community and is linked to our high expectations across all aspects of College life. If you have any issues with the supply of school uniform, please inform us to make us aware. Full details of uniform expectations are on the College website and page 10 of the student planner.

Mobile Phones
Students are reminded that mobile phones should not be used in College. They should be turned off and placed in their bags before they arrive at College. Any student who is found to be using a mobile phone during the College day will have it confiscated. Please contact the school office if you need to get a message to your child during the College day.

Masks, Sanitiser and Equipment
Please can I remind you that students should be using masks on College buses and each student must bring a mask and a bag to store it in each day. Students should also have their own personal bottle of sanitiser to use during the College day, and there are also numerous sanitising stations around the College building. For the foreseeable future, students will not be allowed to share equipment, so it is very important that they have their own supply of stationery and equipment.

Here are some important dates for this term, which are provisional – you will be kept informed of any update to these via the College App.

24th September – Virtual Open Evening
13th October – Curriculum Planning Afternoon (Students leave at 1.35pm)
22nd October – Worcester Sixth Form College Open Event – register on the Sixth form website for tickets
23rd October – Students finish for half term
2nd November – Students return
w/c November 9th – – Mock exams
10th December – Year 11 Parents Evening

As always, please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any queries or concerns – thank you for your continued support.
Kind Regards

Lindsay Jones
Head of Year 11