Welcome Back Year 7

September 2020

Dear Parents,

It has been a pleasure welcoming so many new faces to Blessed’s this last week after all having a long break from school. The Year 7 pupils have been doing really well navigating around the school site and adapting to the necessary Covid safety measures we have put in place. We fully understand that it has been a difficult transition and not one that we had wanted for our new students, but they have coped incredibly well this week.

Can I bring to your attention the ‘MyEd’ app that is available as part of our parentmail email system. We have already been sending messages via the app so if you haven’t already downloaded it, please feel free as it is an excellent form of communication between us and parents. The app can be downloaded here https://www.myedschoolapp.com/ I hope that you received the message I sent home yesterday about the IT issues that a few pupils have been having. We are aware as a staff that some Year 7s are finding it hard to login and join google classrooms. Over the next few weeks tutors and I will be supporting individuals to ensure they are all able to access homework online.

You may already be aware of your child’s tutor for the Year 7, but here is a list of the Year 7 team:

7 Ashley – Mr Ellis
7 Clitherow – Miss Case
7 Jones – Mr Robinson
7 Line – Miss Wallace
7 Pritchard – Mr Winwood
7 Sutton – Mr Ebbage
7 Wall – Mr Williams

The tutors and I will be working together to support your child and to help maintain the excellent attendance, punctuality and uniform that Year 7s have shown us this week. Regular attendance is crucial to learning and when possible 97% or above is what is expected to obtain progress in all subjects so please continue to ensure that your child is attending each day. You can imagine that it is even more important than usual that you contact us quickly if your child appears to be ill and this needs to be through the usual attendance line.
Year 7 uniform has been incredibly smart this week. A summary of the uniform policy is in the student planner and a more detailed version is available on the website. We would urge you to read this and contact us if you have any queries. Thank you for your ongoing support in ensuring uniform is of a high standard.
I would like to make you aware of our school rules regarding mobile phones; phones may be brought into college but they must be turned off when a student enters the college and can be turned back on when off the school premises. They cannot be used in college during the day unless under the direct instruction of a teacher, for learning purposes. When used without permission phones will be confiscated and may be returned at the end of the day. If it is a second offence, the phone will be confiscated and maybe kept for up to 3 days or returned directly to a parent. Please could you discuss this with your child so they are fully aware and can avoid a confiscation.

Key dates for Year 7 this term:
Tuesday 13th October – Teacher Training and Planning afternoon – students leave at 1.35pm.
W/b 26th October – Half Term
Wednesday 18th November- Teacher Training and Planning afternoon – students leave at 1.35pm.
Wednesday 4th November – Year 7 Parents’ Evening – this is unlikely to take place and we will inform you of alternative arrangements at a later date.
Friday 27th November – Teacher Training Day
Please pass on our thanks to your child for their great start to Year 7. If you have any concerns, please do not hesitate to contact either your child’s tutor or you can contact me on njp30@blessededward.co.uk.

Yours faithfully,

Mrs Pritchard
Head of Year 7