Year 10 English Literature

23rd September 2020

Dear Parents / Carers

I am writing to inform you about the most recent changes Eduqas have made to the GCSE English Literature syllabus and the college’s decision to enter Year 10 for their Literature exam this year.

Year 10 have almost completed the entire English Literature syllabus and are in a strong position to perform well in the exam if taken this year. Knowledge and skills are fresh and they have spent much of year 9 preparing for this. Furthermore the exam board has reduced the amount of content students have to learn and changed the layout and timings of the papers which will further advantage our students.

This academic year they will no longer be required to memorise the 18 studied anthology poems and instead can concentrate on the actual skill of approaching the unseen poetry. The changes to the syllabus are as follows:

Component 1 is two hours long. This paper is compulsory and pupils must answer both sections on A Merchant of Venice and An Inspector Calls.

Component 2 is also two hours long and students can choose two out of three sections to answer; poetry anthology, unseen poetry and A Christmas Carol.

There are many advantages to your child sitting the exam in Year 10. It allows them to focus on English Language in Year 11 and as a consequence reduces pressure in terms of revision when they are doing exams in other subjects.

Year 10 have returned to college with a positive attitude to learning and with consistent effort and hard work they could possibly benefit from fair and accurate centre-assessed grades this academic year.

On Friday 9th October Year 10 will sit their very first mock exam which is a two and a half hour exam on An Inspector Calls, A Christmas Carol and unseen poetry.

More information about the exam and syllabus can be found on the Eduqas GCSE English Literature webpage:

Yours Sincerely

Mrs Jhall

Head of English