Year 10 Isolating

28th June 2021

Dear Parent,

Thank you for your support and understanding as we enter another challenging period in your child’s education.  As you will be aware, we have asked Year 10 students to stay at home due to there being a number of cases in this year group.  I have had confirmation today that the Year 10 bubble can return to college on Tuesday 6th July. Please note that students who have had positive PCR test results may have a different return date. Teachers will be carrying out live lessons for students similar to their experience between January and March of this year.

There are currently three positive cases in Year 10 with five further students awaiting the outcome of PCR tests.  Public Health England defines an outbreak as two or more cases.  We are currently identifying close contacts and given the numbers involved it became clear on Sunday 27th that this would involve a large number of students hence the decision to switch all of Year 10 to remote learning from today.

I am fully aware that your child is once again losing out on schooling because of a problem that is not of their making and I share their frustration and disappointment.  I will be in touch soon with further updates and should you need any help or support for your child over the coming days please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Yours sincerely,

Greg McClarey