Year 11 English Literature

23rd September 2020

Dear Parents / Carers

I am writing to update you on the most recent changes Eduqas have made to the GCSE English Literature syllabus. I am pleased to say that Year 11 will benefit from the changes made to this year’s literature exam papers. The changes are as follows:

Component 1 is two hours long. This paper is compulsory and pupils must answer both sections on A Merchant of Venice and An Inspector Calls.

Component 2 is also two hours long and students can choose two out of three sections to answer; poetry anthology, unseen poetry and A Christmas Carol.

The college have decided that students must answer the unseen poetry question and A Christmas Carol in Component 2.  Students will be able to concentrate on the actual skill of approaching unseen poetry rather than attempting to memorise 18 poems from the anthology. The decision to drop the poetry anthology question has been well received by students.

I would also like to take this opportunity to reassure you that Year 11 are on track with their learning in English. This is because all the GCSE Literature set texts were studied in-depth in Year 10 as planned, and now just require revising. At present Year 11 are completing the Language syllabus and have returned to college with a positive attitude.  

More information about the exam and syllabus can be found on the Eduqas GCSE English Literature webpage:

Yours sincerely

Mrs Jhall

Head of English