Additional Needs Inclusion Team (ANIT)

We are the Additional Needs Inclusion Team.

We are a student-led team that strives to ensure that every student can be their true, unique self.
We share our experiences of college life with other students, visitors, new pupils starting our college and other professionals, and work to make our college community inclusive of everyone.
As a team, we host and support various events throughout the college year.
Some of these include:

  • World Autism Acceptance Week
  • Neurodiversity Celebration Week
  • Additional Needs Transition Mornings
  • New Intake Evenings
  • Open Evenings

Our Values underpin everything that we do. They help us to reach our goal of enabling every student to be ‘Uniquely, Unique’.

Our Team

Creative Team

The Creative Team works together to create many things, both digital and non-digital.
The Creative Team uses both digital and non-digital tools to create a range of different media to present both internally within our college, and to external audiences, such as parents and visitors. We also ensure that the cognitive load of different presentation and posters that are created across both the team and consult with the wider college community when asked.

Student Engagement Team

The Student Engagement Team is ANIT’s main student facing team.
The Student Engagement Team makes sure that students voices are heard and aims to ensure that they are engaged in college life and are supported to do so. We have contributed massively to this area of our college website, especially to the student section. We also help to organise transition/awareness and acceptance events for our college community.

Core Team

The Core Team is the foundation of ANIT.
The Core Team was established to act as the essential, though sometimes ‘unseen,’ foundation; ensuring that everyone remains happy and safe. We meet every bi-weekly to tackle a wide range of topics, spanning from planning our next steps and working on the Additional Needs area of the website to addressing any incidents and refining our procedures. All with the aim to widen ANIT’s reach and uphold our values and mission.

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