End of Year Letter

20 July 2022

Dear Parents

As we reach the end of another academic year, I am writing to thank you for your ongoing support.

As a college community, we have achieved so much this year. It had been wonderful to once again, see coach loads of students heading off on trips and bringing a sense of normality and rhythm back to the school year again. In the last couple of weeks, we have been able to hold our annual Performing Arts evening, though on a smaller scale than usual, and our first whole college Sports Day since 2019. I for one will never take these events for granted again as they are two of the many ways in which we showcase the talents and God given gifts of your children.

Our Year 11 students and some Year 10 students sat external examinations this year for the first time since summer 2019. The examinations period went smoothly for all concerned and we are looking forward to positive outcomes for our students in August. In terms of GCSEs for summer 2023, it is pretty much business as usual. We are still waiting for the exam boards to confirm the dates of the exam season and we will notify relevant parents once we have them.

As always, my door is always open to parents who have questions or concerns about any aspect of their child’s education. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you ever wish to meet. I am a great believer in face to face meetings and working alongside parents in the best interests of our students.

In conclusion, I would like to wish you a restful summer break with your family and I look forward to welcoming our students back in September.

Yours sincerely

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Greg McClarey