Free School Meal Information

Dear Parent,

Worcestershire Local Authority have put in place a new system for parents to apply for free school
meals for their child/children. This system also allows parents whose children currently receive free
school meals to receive important updates about their ongoing eligibility.

For anyone who is currently eligible and receives free school meals, there will be no changes or
loss of eligibility until at least July 2023 even if your personal circumstances have changed.

What do you need to do?
The system uses the same portal you used to apply for your child’s school place. You should use your
admission application login details on the Citizen Portal to apply for Free School Meals. You can
access the portal using this link:

If you do not currently have a Citizen Portal account, please follow the on-screen instructions to
register an account.
If you have a question about any aspect of free school meals please do not hesitate to contact the