Further Maths

AQA Level 2 Certificate in Further Mathematics

For KS4 students who are likely to achieve high grades in GCSE mathematics and progress onto A level Mathematics.

  • Studying for this qualification has a number of benefits for able students:
  • It assesses skills such as algebraic reasoning, in greater depth than GCSE Mathematics.
  • It builds on the Key Stage 4 curriculum and is intended as an additional qualification to GCSE Mathematics, rather than as a replacement.
  • It gives students a firm foundation for AS or A level Mathematics.
  • It allows students to be stretched and challenged to think about mathematics more deeply but without the problems of doing some of A Level mathematics early.
  • It will make the transition to A-Level Mathematics easier, so if you are thinking of doing A-Level Maths or Further Maths, it is a good choice.

How will it be taught ?

  • Taught by Mr Ellis.
  • One lesson per week, plus homework.  Both are compulsory.
  • Wednesdays after school, 3.30 – 4.30.
  • You must buy the Revision Guide and Exam Practice Workbook (about £7 in total last year).

What do the exams look like ?

  • Two papers – Usually in the middle of June
  • Paper 1 – Non-calculator
    – 1 hour 45 mins
    – 80 marks  (50%)
  • Paper 2 – Calculator
    – 1 hour 45 mins
    – 80 marks  (50%)