Non-uniform Day

Dear Parent

I am sure, that like me, you have watched with horror the aftermath of the earthquake in Turkey
and Syria. I know that families in our community have been affected by the tragedy and they
continue to be in our thoughts and prayers. In this season of Lent our college community focuses
on those people who are less fortunate than ourselves and together with a group of students we
are organising a series of fundraising events for charities who are supporting the people most
affected by the earthquake.

As part of our fundraising we are having a non-uniform day on Thursday 2 March. Students can
pay £1 or more to wear their own clothes. Please ensure your child dresses modestly and in
appropriate clothing, as in all other respects, this will be a normal school day. If your child has PE
on this day, they will also need to bring their PE kit as normal.

Yours sincerely

Greg McClarey