Physical Education Department Information for Parents

A full list of the PE kit can be viewed on the college website by following this link.

All PE Kit is available from School Togs in New Street, Worcester.

All PE Kit should be labelled with your child’s name. 

Injury and Illness

If your child is injured or too ill to take a part in their PE lesson, please write a note to their teacher to state this. This note can be written in the student planner. 

All pupils are required to bring their kit to every PE lesson, even if they have a note from home and a valid reason for not taking part.

This is so that their school uniform does not get wet and/or dirty during the lesson.

Non-participants may be asked to help their teacher during the lesson by coaching or officiating.

If they are not able to do so, they will be asked to complete a worksheet relevant to the lesson that the class is taking part in.

Extra-curricular activities

The PE department runs a comprehensive and varied programme of lunchtime and after-school activities.

These activities can be viewed on the college website under the ‘Students’ tab by clicking on ‘Extra-curricular sports clubs’.

The sports fixtures calendar can also be found under the ‘Students’ tab by clicking on ‘Fixtures calendar’.

Safety in PE Lessons

If your child uses an asthma inhaler, they should bring it to every PE lesson.

Chewing Gum

No pupils are allowed to chew gum at school, this is particularly important in PE lessons.


No jewellery may be worn during PE lessons; fitness trackers can be worn during non-contact activities. We strongly recommend that earrings are removed for all Physical Education lessons. However, if it is not possible to remove them (i.e. if their ears have recently been pierced) then students may still take part in the lesson providing their ears are adequately covered with tape provided by the PE department. The class teacher will ensure that the taping is fit for purpose at the start of the lesson and may ask the student not to participate in certain activities if they deem it to be unsafe for the individual. Students should be encouraged by parents/carers to practice taking their earrings in and out at home in preparation for PE lessons.