Safer recruitment and DBS checks

Safer recruitment and DBS checks – policy and procedures
We will record all information on the checks carried out in the school’s single central record (SCR).
Copies of these checks, where appropriate, will be held in individuals’ personnel files. We follow
requirements and best practice in retaining copies of these checks, as set out below.
New staff
When appointing new staff, we will:
 Verify their identity
 Obtain (via the applicant) an enhanced Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) certificate,
including barred list information for those who will be engaging in regulated activity (see
definition below). We will not keep a copy of this for longer than 6 months
 Obtain a separate barred list check if they will start work in regulated activity before the DBS
certificate is available
 Verify their mental and physical fitness to carry out their work responsibilities
 Verify their right to work in the UK. We will keep a copy of this verification for the duration
of the member of staff’s employment and for 2 years afterwards
 Verify their professional qualifications, as appropriate
 Ensure they are not subject to a prohibition order if they are employed to be a teacher
 Carry out further additional checks, as appropriate, on candidates who have lived or worked
outside of the UK, including (where relevant) any teacher sanctions or restrictions imposed
by a European Economic Area professional regulating authority, and criminal records checks
or their equivalent
 We will ask for written information about previous employment history and check that
information is not contradictory or incomplete.
 We will seek references on all short-listed candidates, including internal candidates, before
interview. We will scrutinise these and resolve any concerns before confirming
appointments. The references requested will ask specific questions about the suitability of
the applicant to work with children.
Regulated activity means a person who will be:
Responsible, on a regular basis in a school or college, for teaching, training, instructing, caring for or
supervising children; or
Carrying out paid, or unsupervised unpaid, work regularly in a school or college where that work
provides an opportunity for contact with children; or
Engaging in intimate or personal care or overnight activity, even if this happens only once and
regardless of whether they are supervised or not
Existing staff
If we have concerns about an existing member of staff’s suitability to work with children, we will
carry out all the relevant checks as if the individual was a new member of staff. We will also do this if
an individual moves from a post that is not regulated activity to one that is.
We will refer to the DBS anyone who has harmed, or poses a risk of harm, to a child or vulnerable
adult where:
 We believe the individual has engaged in relevant conduct; or
 The individual has received a caution or conviction for a relevant offence, or there is reason
to believe the individual has committed a listed relevant offence, under the Safeguarding
Vulnerable Groups Act 2006 (Prescribed Criteria and Miscellaneous Provisions) Regulations
2009; or
 The ‘harm test’ is satisfied in respect of the individual (i.e. they may harm a child or
vulnerable adult or put them at risk of harm); and
 The individual has been removed from working in regulated activity (paid or unpaid) or
would have been removed if they had not left
Agency and third-party staff
We will obtain written notification from any agency or third-party organisation that it has carried out
the necessary safer recruitment checks that we would otherwise perform. We will also check that
the person presenting themselves for work is the same person on whom the checks have been
We will ensure that any contractor, or any employee of the contractor, who is to work at the school
has had the appropriate level of DBS check (this includes contractors who are provided through a PFI
or similar contract). This will be:
 An enhanced DBS check with barred list information for contractors engaging in regulated
 An enhanced DBS check, not including barred list information, for all other contractors who
are not in regulated activity but whose work provides them with an opportunity for regular
contact with children
We will obtain the DBS check for self-employed contractors.
We will not keep copies of such checks for longer than 6 months.
Contractors who have not had any checks will not be allowed to work unsupervised or engage in
regulated activity under any circumstances.
We will check the identity of all contractors and their staff on arrival at the school.
Trainee/student teachers
Where applicants for initial teacher training are salaried by us, we will ensure that all necessary
checks are carried out.
Where trainee teachers are fee-funded, we will obtain written confirmation from the training
provider that necessary checks have been carried out and that the trainee has been judged by the
provider to be suitable to work with children.
We will:
 Never leave an unchecked volunteer unsupervised or allow them to work in regulated
 Obtain an enhanced DBS check with barred list information for all volunteers who are new
to working in regulated activity
 Carry out a risk assessment when deciding whether to seek an enhanced DBS check without
barred list information for any volunteers not engaging in regulated activity. We will retain a
record of this risk assessment
All governors will have an enhanced DBS check without barred list information.
They will have an enhanced DBS check with barred list information if working in regulated activity.
All governors will also have a section 128 check (as a section 128 direction disqualifies an individual
from being a maintained school governor).
Staff working in alternative provision settings
Where we place a pupil with an alternative provision provider, we obtain written confirmation from
the provider that they have carried out the appropriate safeguarding checks on individuals working
there that we would otherwise perform.
Adults who supervise pupils on work experience
When organising work experience, we will ensure that policies and procedures are in place to
protect children from harm.
We will also consider whether it is necessary for barred list checks to be carried out on the
individuals who supervise a pupil under 16 on work experience. This will depend on the specific
circumstances of the work experience, including the nature of the supervision, the frequency of the
activity being supervised, and whether the work is regulated activity.
Pupils staying with host families
Where the school makes arrangements for pupils to be provided with care and accommodation by a
host family to which they are not related (for example, during a foreign exchange visit), we will
request enhanced DBS checks with barred list information on those people.
Where the school is organising such hosting arrangements overseas and host families cannot be
checked in the same way, we will work with our partner schools abroad to ensure that similar
assurances are undertaken prior to the visit