St John Bosco Room Letter

22 November 2022

Dear Parent

As you know, we have high expectations for our students in terms of their behaviour in the
college. We are always grateful for your support if a behaviour issue arises for your child and
will always work alongside you to resolve matters.
Occasionally, a student will be placed in the St John Bosco Room in college. This is a space
where a student has an opportunity to reflect on an issue which has arisen and with support,
recognise that their behaviour did not live up to our expectations.
This room is run by two experienced and highly skilled members of staff who undertake a
variety of activities with students, such as career discussions and restorative justice
conversations, as well as ensuring that the student has access to the work being done in
their normal lessons.
Whilst only accessed by a relatively small number of students, I am writing to inform all
parents that from 1 December, if a child is placed in the St John Bosco Room for a full day,
they will remain in school until 4.20pm that day. I believe this extension of the school day for
these students will act as a further reminder of the high expectations the college has for all
its students.

Yours sincerely

Greg McClarey