Volunteering Section- D of E

The aim of the volunteering section is simple: giving time to help people, the community or society, the environment or animals.  

Your volunteering activity must not be done for a business or replace paid labour so you wouldn’t be able to work at a vets or old people’s home unless the activity you were doing went above and beyond the services of the organisation.  For example, you could help at an old people’s home if you spent time talking to, playing board games with or providing entertainment for elderly people in a home.

Whether you’re interested in working with people, animals or the environment, there’s a long list of activities you can choose from.  If you can’t find anything that you want to get involved in, you could set up a new one that would help your community? This could be on your own, with a few friends or with your whole DofE group – Mrs White can give you guidance on how to do this and might even be able to act as your Assessor.

If you need help on what to pick, speak to Mrs White or one of the DofE team who are here to help.

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