Year 10 External Exam Information

You can find all the key information about the Summer 2024 Exams in our Student Exams Booklet. Please also open the links below to read the important rules and guidelines issued by the Joint Council for Qualifications (JCQ) on behalf of the examination boards. 

Students Exam Booklet 2023/24

Student Information – click here

Click here for all Information for candidates documents – JCQ Joint Council for Qualifications as listed below

  • JCQ Information for candidates – coursework – 2023/24
  • JCQ Information for candidates – non examination assessments 2023/24
  • JCQ Information for candidates – on screen tests 2023/24
  • JCQ Information for candidates – written exams 2023/24
  • JCQ Preparing to sit your exams
  • JCQ Information for Candidates – Privacy Notice 2022/23
  • JCQ Information for Candidates – Social Media 2022/3

Click here for Access to script form

Click here for Review of results form

Click here for Clerical re-checks, reviews of marking and appeals . Candidate consent form

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