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Working towards Level 8 /9 useful revision links Geography

High achieving students will be able to demonstrate relevant and comprehensive knowledge, understanding and application of geographical information and issues. They will be able to demonstrate perceptive understanding of complex interactions and interrelationships between people and the environment and between geographical phenomena. They will be able to construct sustained and convincing arguments to draw well-evidenced conclusions and use and evaluate a wide range of geographical skills and techniques effectively.

Make sure that you know these key command words:

  • Describe
  • Explain
  • Assess
  • Evaluate
  • Suggest
  • To what extent

Revision Links:

 Reference Library | Geography | tutor2u Students can view a range of videos to help them to revise for their exams.

Seneca Geography: AQA GCSE ( Here students can find key information about the topics we study as part of the AQA specification and quizzes on this information.

AQA website AQA | Geography | GCSE | Geography Here students can access past papers and practise their exam skills and structure. You will also find the mark schemes which will help students know what sort of content they should include in their answers and exemplar answers so students can see the detail that is required for Level 3 extended answers.

Learning beyond the curriculum:

Royal Geographical Society – Royal Geographical Society (with IBG) (

We have membership to the Royal Geographical Society who have a range of talks, podcasts on topics linked to geography aimed at GCSE, A Level and beyond which will help students to start to see the complex interactions and interrelationships between people and the environment and between geographical phenomena.

Please see Mrs Sparey for the username and password to access these resources. 

Working towards Level 8 /9 useful revision links History.

High achieving students should be able to demonstrate relevant and comprehensive knowledge combined with a sophisticated understanding of key features and characteristics. They should be able to construct a convincing line of reasoning when discussing causes and consequences and significance of events. They should also critically analyse and evaluate events and develop substantiated judgements using a range of sources. Finally a thorough understanding of historical issues and the different interpretations and why they may differ.

Remember these key terms:

  • Describe
  • Explain
  • Significance
  • Usefulness
  • Interpretation
  • Compare
  • How far
  • In what ways

Click here for the link to the AQA website

Click here for the link to Seneca

Click here for links to the revision booklet.

Here are potential post 16 providers for Humanities.


Droitwich HS

Hanley Castle HS



Worcester Sixth Form

Tudor Grange

King Edward VI College


Pershore HS

Some of the career options available for History and Geography are :

  • Geography teacher.
  • Geographer.
  • Cartographer.
  • Landscape architect.
  • Travel writer.
  • Environmental scientist.
  • Environmental consultant.
  • Academic historian.
  • Academic researcher.
  • Conservator.
  • Education officer.
  • Events manager.
  • Heritage manager.
  • Historian.

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