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Working towards Level 8 /9 useful revision links

  • Competing at club level or above in at least two activities. You need to be actively participating and training regularly in sport and exercise.
  • A gifted athlete across all three activities you are assessed in- this is worth 30% of your overall grade.
  • Remaining focussed in all lessons and always asking questions if there is ANYTHING you don’t understand.
  • Utilising all the mock papers, mark schemes and model answers that have been shared with you on Google Classroom.
  • Using your ‘green pen’ effectively when reviewing any tests or assessments within lessons.
  • Always trying to improve your exam technique and finding the balance of being concise with your answers but adding enough detail to achieve full marks in each question.
  • For any question worth 2 marks or more, when necessary, always provide a sporting example scenario to support/justify your answer.
  • Carefully studying the Personal Exercise Programme (PEP) information slides to help you structure and write your coursework to the best of your ability.
  • Ensure your PEP is carried out correctly and as per your plan each week using the principle of progression (FITT) to develop each session. 
  • Ensure the PEP logbook is filled in in detail including an evaluation after every session, (The PEP is worth 10% of your overall mark)
  • Catching up on any work missed and making an effort to find your teacher outside of lessons if you ever miss a lesson- this is vitally important in filling any gaps of learning.
  • Buying the GCSE revision guide will be the best £5.99 you’ve ever spent! It condenses the course brilliantly into concise bullet pointed topics.
  • REVISE Edexcel GCSE (9-1) Physical Education Revision Guide
  • Having a very good attendance across the two years.
  • Working hard in and outside of the classroom!!

Here are potential post 16 providers for PE.


Droitwich HS

  • Sport & Physical Activity ( Foundation Diploma)
  • Sport & Physical Activity ( Extended Diploma) – 6F Prospectus

Hanley Castle HS



  • Physical Education – 6F Subjects
  • BTEC National Diploma in Sport L3

Worcester Sixth Form

Tudor Grange

King Edward VI College

Hartpury College

Pershore HS

Some of the career options available for PE.

  • Sports science
  • PE teacher
  • Physiotherapist
  • Professional sportsperson
  • Sports coach/consultant
  • Sports policy at local and national level
  • Diet and fitness instructor
  • Personal trainer

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