Summer Examinations 2021 appeals process

All students have the right to appeal any received grade in either GCSE or vocational qualifications.

Please read the information carefully, if you would like to proceed with an appeal, download and complete the appeals form on this page and return it by the relevant date.

Please be aware the appeals process could result in candidates grades going down, up or staying the same.

There are 2 stages in the appeals process:

Stage 1 – Centre Reviews

This review looks at- in school procedures, specifically:

  • If the school failed to follow it’s procedures properly or consistently in arriving at a result
  • The school made an administrative error in relation to that result

Requests for appeals on the grounds of academic judgement (unreasonableness) will only be considered by awarding bodies if this review has been undertaken.

All requests for a centre review (including private candidates) must be made directly to the school by the 3rd September 2021

Stage 2 – Appeals to the awarding organisations

The focus of this appeal will be on whether the Teacher Assessed Grade was unreasonable and not that an other grade or mark would have been reasonable.

The purpose of this independent review is not to review the marking of individual assessments. The reviewer will only conclude if there has been an unreasonable exercise of academic judgement, if the Teacher Assessed Grade was clearly wrong i.e. there was no basis upon which the grade could properly have been given.

All requests for a stage 2 appeal must be made directly to the school by the 17th September 2021

Staff will be in the college on the following dates to handle centre reviews and appeals; Thursday
12 th August, Friday 13 th August, Monday 16 th August and Tuesday 17 th August and from Monday 30 th
August onwards.

It is also important you read the following document before you decide to make an appeal:

Making an appeal

Please download and complete the form below and send it to or bring the completed form into college and hand it in at main reception.