FAQ’s – Work Experience

How does the employer know about any special needs or medical requirements?
We have a ‘green form’ students complete with their parents that they hand to the employer on their first morning of the work experience placement. On this form you can add what you are happy for the employer to know. The more you put on this form the better in our opinion.
But school will not pass on any details to the employer due to GDPR. If you wish to contact the employer prior to the placement start date some parents do this and have an informal chat. If you wish us to contact the employer to let them know of any information please contact us to discuss this.

My child has an epi pen or medication, how will this work for the three days?
We would suggest students collect any medication, spare inhalers and epi pens and take them to the placement and leave with their buddy or manager. The student then needs to bring them back into school once the placement has ended. This would be information we would suggest strongly goes onto the green form or the main contact for the placement is made aware of this via a telephone call from parents or carers prior to the start of the placement.

What should my child do if they are ill or unwell on the morning of work experience?
If your child is not at the placement yet please contact school in your normal way but let the person at school know your child should be on work experience. Out of courtesy please also call the main contact for the work experience and let them know too.

What should my child do if they are unwell on the day of work experience while there?
If your child is unwell they need to let their buddy or main contact know and they will contact you to let you know as we would here in school.They will also let us in school know.

What should my child do if something happens on placement that they are unhappy about or concerned about?
Your child should speak to their main contact or buddy. If your child doesn’t feel comfortable doing so they can contact Blessed Edward. Every student will be given a contact card before they start their placement, this will contain all the numbers they need to contact staff during the time they are on work experience. If your child contacts you concerned or worried please do let us know.

Does my child need special clothing?
This depends on the placement they have chosen. Most say on the website if they do.
Please contact the employer if you are unsure to double check. If you need help and support with specialist clothing please contact us in school. We are happy to help.

How will my child know where to go in the event of an emergency?
Students will be briefed on their first morning for general and specific health and safety in relation to their placement and what to do in the event of an emergency. Students will do some work on what to expect and managing risks in a range of environments before their placement.

Are the companies insured to have a student on work experience with them?
Yes all companies have to have public liability insurance to have a work experience student with them. WEBP checks this for us as part of a service level agreement with us.

How are risks managed for my child while they are on work experience?
WEBP go out and check placement arrangements prior to students going and complete a risk assessment.

What happens if the company has a safeguarding concern about my child?
They will contact school and liaise with us. Our safeguarding team will then work with the careers team in dealing with the issue. In most cases we always contact parents to highlight any concerns.

What happens if my child has a safeguarding concern during work experience?
Your child should contact school using the details and contacts on their card. If your child contacts you, please contact school.

Will school check on my child during work experience?
School may visit your child during their placement. School will ring and check on your child during their placement. For
some students it isn’t always possible to visit and see them for various reasons. We will always prioritise any students who are anxious or nervous about their placement. So please let us know if you feel your child needs prioritising.

What will my child eat during work experience?
On the WEBP website it will suggest options for lunch. Some placements will have a canteen. Some may be near a shop, if you
are happy for your child to access this. It may be more convenient for your child to have a packed lunch.

Will my child have breaks and lunches while on work experience?
Students do have breaks and lunches for most placements. These are usually shorter than expected compared to school.

What if the hours are very different for work experience?
We have had some placements that have been out of hours, these are usually placements students have set up themselves. If this is the case please contact us and we can discuss further as every individual is different.

What happens at the end of the work experience placement?
Students should be completing their work experience booklet each day. They should complete all of the logs and evaluation forms in the booklet. Although they probably feel they won’t forget, they will in time. It is important to complete the booklet and keep it safe. It will be very useful when applying for prefect roles and for post 16 destinations or part time jobs. Students should remember to thank everyone who has helped them on their placement. Getting a contact for a future reference would be a good idea. If students give their contact details we would suggest that they give only email and use their blessed edward email address.

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