Year 10 Alton Towers

29 April 2022

Dear Parent

We are planning to take our current Year 10 students to Alton Towers on Wednesday 12 October 2022.  This trip is open to the entire year group.

We arrange this trip every year as it is an opportunity for students to have a fun day out prior to the GCSE examinations in the summer of 2023.  We have found that previous year groups have returned from the trip with a renewed enthusiasm for their studies and students have commented that it “will be a day that they will always remember”.  We have chosen October as the weather can still be fairly pleasant and the theme park is relatively empty.  This means that it is very unlikely that students need to wait in long queues for rides.

Any student that does not wish to go will have lessons in College as normal.

We will be leaving the College site at 7.30am and arriving back in Worcester at 8.00pm.  Students will need to make their own arrangements for arriving at College and being picked up in the evening.

The cost of the trip is £33.50 which includes entry to the park and coach travel.  Students will need to bring their own lunch or purchase food at the park.  

If you would like your child to attend the trip, please arrange full payment via ParentPay by the end of the summer term (Thursday 21 July).   

Medical forms will be given to your child nearer the time of the trip.  On the day, we will be asking your child for their mobile phone number so that we can contact them during the day in the park.  They will also be provided with a school mobile number so that they can contact a member of staff at any point in the day.  Students will be asked to stay in groups of 4 throughout the day and a member of staff will always be available at a central location in the park.

Please note that we reserve the right to remove students from the trip if their behaviour and effort around College causes concern.  If you have any queries about this trip, please contact us in College.

Yours sincerely

Mr C M Taylor – Head of Year 11 

Mrs P Pratty – Head of Year 10