Year 10 Welcome Back Letter

Dear Parent,
It has been so pleasing, over the last week, to welcome back our Year 10 students after our long break. I hope everyone had a restful break and that the students have returned refreshed and ready to start their GCSE studies. Students’ uniform is incredibly smart and I believe the navy jumpers make them look older and more mature.

Year 10 sees our pupils learn a high proportion of the knowledge and skills needed for each GCSE subject across their curriculum. Given the large amounts of learning that happen in this school year, students need to ensure they have excellent attendance and they need to consistently display an excellent attitude to learning and complete all set homework. It is essential that all pupils practise applying their prior learning by fully revising for all assessments, whilst continuing to enjoy the varied extra curricular activities that we offer enabling them to have an element of relaxation.

Please refer to the following links for a more detailed summary of the Year 10 curriculum:

and school clubs available this Autumn:

I’m extremely pleased to say a huge number of students will be attending Drayton Manor next week. I was thrilled to invite so many due to their excellent behaviour records. Next year we hope to do a similar trip to Alton Towers and again I am hopeful we can take as many of the Year group as possible. The invitation can however be revoked if a student’s behaviour log is not good enough: students can be given behaviour points for a variety of reasons including lack of homework, poor uniform and poor punctuality. You will very soon have access to the behaviour and praise points on Synergy which will enable you to have a clear view of your child’s successes and behaviour log within school. I hope by working together we can ensure your child can have many successes and work to their full potential.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact your child’s tutor in the first instance. You may already be aware that we have had some changes to tutors for the Year 10 team so they are listed below:
10 Ashley – Mr Huby (
10 Clitherow – Mr Males (
10 Jones – Mr Robinson (
10 Line – Mr Newton (
10 Pritchard – Mr Winwood (
10 Sutton – Mr Ebbage (
10 Wall – Mr Williams (

If you wish to contact me via email for any reason please do not hesitate. (
Yours sincerely,

Mrs N Pritchard
Head of Year 10

Key dates for Year 10 this term:
Thurs 28th Sept: Open evening 5-8pm
Wed 25th Oct: Planning Afternoon- Students leave 1.35pm
Fri 27th Oct: School closes for half term at 3.20pm
Mon 6th Nov: Students return to school
Wed 20th Dec: Carol Service 7pm
Thurs 21st Dec: School closes for Christmas at 12.30pm