Year 9 Welcome Back Letter

19th March 2021

Dear Parent,

It has been so good to see our students back in school again in the last week. Year 9 students have, as always, been smartly dressed and ready to learn with renewed enthusiasm. I am extremely proud of how they worked during closure, coping admirably with the demands of the technology and adapting well to the style of lessons online. Equally, they have been extremely responsible in their return to school and have all observed the new rules to keep them safe extremely well.

I do understand that some students have found the move back to school anxiety-provoking and if you have any concerns about your child’s current happiness or wellbeing please either urge them to speak to a member of staff or contact your child’s tutor directly.  We can reassure them that it is now safe to return because of the further measures that we have put in place, such as wearing masks more inside the building and regular testing. I am grateful for your support in giving permission for your child to be tested: the students are now used to the system and it has worked well. We also understand that some students have outgrown their uniform and that it has been difficult to replace some items due to the closure of School Togs at present. Please get in touch if this is an issue.

Your child has now received a letter confirming their Option choices and they can now return to school with a renewed focus on preparing for their GCSE courses starting next year. I would urge students to use the rest of Year 9 to foster good study habits, making sure they use their planner to organise their homework tasks and getting used to setting aside time to study and then time to relax.

As regards dates for your diary, you will be aware that we have had to review our calendar again in the light of this term’s closure. We break for Easter on April 1st and further dates such as for the final assessment period of the year and reports will be sent to you shortly.

Finally, to ensure that you do receive up to date information promptly, just a reminder that the My Ed app is available to download and it enables you both to receive letters and to reply quickly and easily. The link is:

As usual, do not hesitate to contact me by e mail if you have any concerns or questions –

Yours sincerely,

Ms P Pratty

Head of Year 9