Transition – What if ?

I’m feeling nervous.

We know that some of you may be feeling nervous, but at the same time excited about beginning school. Please do not worry, that is a completely normal reaction! We have a fantastic team of Year 7 tutors, as well as student transition mentors on hand to look after you. 

Together, we will make sure you feel settled into our community in no time!

What some students say….

I was really excited to start high school and meet new people. I was a little bit nervous on my first day but as soon as I was in the school all the teachers were really welcoming and I soon found my friends from Year 6 and made new ones. 
The school is much bigger than my primary school, but I soon got used to where my classrooms were and now it doesn’t seem so big.
My favourite lessons are Art and Design technology because I like to make things.
From CL
Dear Year 6, 
There is nothing to worry about moving into secondary school. If you’re scared, don’t be, there are lots of lovely teachers to take care of you! At first, I was really nervous, but then after a few days I settled down and made new friends. REMEMBER, you are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem and smarter than you think.  You can do this, best of luck! 
From SM
You shouldn’t be scared because it’s a fun experience and there is nothing to be worried about. When I first joined, I was really nervous but all the teachers and students are really nice and they’ll help you out. It’s a really fun experience and you should just enjoy it
From AG

What is the sanctuary?

The Sanctuary, our dedicated SEND provision hub, is used in many ways; staffed by the SENDCo and a team of learning support mentors, it is a vital resource to the college. 

At Blessed Edward’s we believe that all children deserve, and have a right to, a good education. Our staff strive to give you the confidence, self-belief and learning experience to fulfil your potential. 

During lesson time, The Sanctuary becomes a vibrant place of learning where students from all year groups are given opportunities to minimize barriers to learning and progress in specific areas of need. At break and lunch times, the Sanctuary becomes a dedicated calm space for our students when they need it. Before and after school, the Sanctuary hosts individual intervention sessions and after school clubs.

For more information about our SEND provision, click here

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