Book Reviews

Key Stage 3

The Swifts by Beth Lincoln and Claire Powell 

When every Swift is born, they are given a name and definition from the Family Dictionary and expected to grow up to match it. But Shenanigan Swift isn’t so sure about this tradition. Her relatives might think she’s going to end up as a troublemaker, but Shenanigan knows she can be whatever she wants, from a pirate to a detective. And it’s this determination which leads her to solve the biggest challenge the family has ever faced. Someone has tried to murder Arch-Aunt Schadenfreude and that’s just the start. Shenanigan, her sisters and her cousin have a lot of suspects and a huge mystery to solve. Can she save her family and show them that her name doesn’t have to define her? 

This book is a wickedly funny story with a who-dunnit plot line and a whole lot of spark. It was not something that I, initially, was excited to read, but once I’d picked it up and started, I couldn’t put it down! Great family of characters, interesting and exciting plot and some really quirky playfulness, all add together to create this great book. The main character, Shenanigan, is likeable and appeals to any reader as she has such a mix of personality traits that endear you to her as the focal point. A great read for anybody who wants a mix of genres, an easy read and just an all around fantastic book! 

Key Stage 4 

Twin Crowns by Katherine Webber and Catherine Doyle 

Two sisters. One throne. Who will ultimately rise to power and wear the crown? 

Wren Greenrock has always known that one day she would steal her sister’s place in the palace. Trained from birth to avenge her parents’ murder and usurp the princess, she will do anything to rise to power and protect the community of witches she loves. 

Princess Rose Valhart knows that with power comes responsibility including marriage into a brutal kingdom. Life outside the palace walls is a place to be feared and she is soon to discover that it’s wilder than she ever imagined. 

Twin sisters separated at birth and raised into entirely different worlds are about to get to know each other’s lives a whole lot better… 

Twin Crowns was a highly anticipated book when it was first released. It’s a funny, swoony fantasy about sisters with a lot to learn about each other and their world – and work out how to take down their horrible enemies. 

It’s a dual POV, with each author writing a different POV. That different authorship helps give the two girls distinct voices so you can tell who’s speaking.  

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