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Miss Sophie Gilson- Reading Support Coordinator

I have two roles that work alongside each other. 
My first role is being the Librarian. I look after the library, help students borrow books, organise books for tutor groups and work to promote reading for pleasure.  
My second role is the Reading Support Coordinator. I assess, coordinate, plan and teach reading intervention sessions to those students who may need a bit of extra support with any reading skills. This includes focused reading, comprehension skills, vocabulary building and many other reading based skills. This is to support learning in all aspects of the curriculum across all subjects as reading is such an integral part of our learning journey. I work mainly with Years 7 to 9 (KS3) and they will have interventions for as long as they need to ensure they are well equipped to access all parts of their learning throughout their time at Blessed Edward’s. 

Timeline for reading intervention

Access online reading assessment- Year 6 taster day

These results detemerine whether a student requires reading intervention.

Reading Plus Intervention

Online Lesson
Report given termly

Access online reading assessment

Completed at end of the academic year , students will remain in intervention until their reading ages match their actual age.

Reading Plus Screening Report groups students by instructional needs to determine which students need comprehension, vocabulary, and/or silent reading rate development support.

Reading Challenge

Year 7 & 8 books here

Reading Challenge takes the top 20 or so readers from a year group and offers a group session (monthly) to read a different text and feedback to others to encourage reading for pleasure, reading something new and discussion of texts. 

Monthly Book Review 2024

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How to find age appropriate guides for books

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General book recommendations:

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